Getting it right for over 60 years!

Stillings is one of the oldest advertising agencies in the westcountry with over sixty years experience producing cost effective advertising locally and nationally. We are an enthusiastic team of specialists offering the complete promotional package in T.V, radio, press, design & print, direct mail, photography, exhibition or display work.

There is no extra cost to use our service as we receive our commission from the media.


Our professional designers create press ads that will get you noticed, product selling visuals are prepared for your approval with artwork charges kept to a minimum. We work closely with our clients suggesting schedules and choosing the best media even down to the position on the page, we see the work through from beginning to end. We work very closely with the newspapers, arranging editorials, features etc.

TV & Radio

We were the first advertising agency in the South West to book airtime on local TV and have had great success with this medium since, as a regional agency we can offer competitive rates with the airtime closely monitored to ensure the most effective programmes. Just give us the basic information and our
top creative department can write T.V. or radio scripts, commission jingles, and produce the finished commercial. Our experienced sales department will work out schedules, book airtime and after you have approved your commercial and agreed the cost, you’ll find NO fancy charges, NO hidden extras, just good cost effective advertising at the price you’ve been quoted!


We can source poster sites for anywhere in the country, from street sites to supermarket sites. Competitive rates on 48 and 96 sheet poster sites in all areas. Bus panels from a complete wrap to a lower rear, even the interior of local stagecoach buses.

Stillings Advertising are our supplier of choice for corporate work wear for our staff and customers. From the quality of their products to meeting our delivery deadlines the service they offer is second to none. 

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