GREENWICH 850 - 850mm wide - £89 +VAT
GREENWICH 1000 - 1000mm wide - £109 +VAT

Product Overview
The reliable mid-range roller banner
for medium use

  • Includes graphic 0.85m/1m wide × 2m high (850mm/1000mm × 2000mm)
  • Bespoke-printed graphic printed on 400gsm anti-curl,
    anti-scuff, anti-glare SoFlat
  • Heavy duty bungee pole and socket base
  • Aesthetic design
  • Large internal graphic housing
  • Snap clip top rail
  • Includes carry bag

A more discrete and more ergonomic unit, for when you want a little more from your roller banner.
A little more robust than the Raptor roller banner, it has superb build quality allowing it to be used repeatedly.